Different ways to earn points

Participate in surveys

When you complete surveys, you earn points that can be exchanged for different gifts. We will send you an invitation to a survey by email and you can also see your invitation here in the portal. You earn points after each survey you fill in. The number of points depends on the length and complexity of the survey.
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Invite friends

Invite friends to register as members of OpinionArena. We give you 60 points on each friend you have invited to register in OpinionArena portal. You get the score immediately when the friend has registered and participated in two surveys.

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Fill in information about yourself

Earn extra points by updating your profile. The more information you share with us, the more points you get. In addition, we will be able to send you invitations to more relevant surveys.

Reply to Quick Polls

Reply to Quick Polls and earn extra points. We are interested in your opinions about literally everything: politics, fun, sports, prices of goods, etc. Let's find out the most popular politician, entertainer or athlete, or the most popular car brand! Each time you answer, you earn 3 extra points to your account.