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The portal OpinionArena offers you the opportunity to participate in surveys and receive compensation for this. The members of the portal earn points when they fill in surveys; the points can be exchanged for different products and services such as gift certificates or donations to charity.

OpinionArena provides surveys ordered by institutions, market research companies, large production companies, advertising companies, etc. We keep your personal information secret and never hand it out to other companies.

Points are "money" in the portal OpinionArena. Members get points in the following cases:

  • For participation in surveys
  • For inviting new members
  • For filling in quick polls
  • When you complete the profile
Members of OpinionArena earn points when they complete surveys. Points can be exchanged for services and products. You can:

  • Change the points for different gift cards
  • Donate the points to charity
No, the points in OpinionArena never expire.

OpinionArena is the fastest growing survey platform in Northern Europe. Our members are Internet users over 15 years. Each member is rewarded for completing questionnaires and sharing their opinions.

OpinionArena conducts surveys on products, services, policies and brand awareness. We are interested in people's opinions and attitudes, we are not engaged in sales or marketing. You can participate in surveys via computer or mobile phone. Our members choose themselves which surveys and when they participate in.

We reward our members for their responses. Once you have registered, you start earning points on each survey you participate in. Then you can select different products or services for those points. The number of points earned depends on the length and complexity of the survey. In addition, we are offering to win great prizes for participants after participation.


You must live in South Africa, be at least 15 years old and have a personal email address.

It is easy to become a member of OpinionArena.

Step 1: Register by entering your email address.
Step 2: A confirmation message will be sent to your email with further instructions for activating the account.
Step 3:Once you have logged in for the first time, fill in your profile in the portal. The more detailed you fill in your profile and the more often you update it, the more invitations to the surveys you will receive.
If you have entered your email but have not received the confirmation message, try the following.

1. Look in your spam folder - our message may have ended there. This is the most common reason for not receiving our messages. P.S. To avoid this, we recommend you to mark OpinionArena as a safe sender.
2. If the confirmation message is not in the spam folder, contact us via contact form.

Yes, your information is well protected. OpinionArena strictly complies with the privacy requirements. OpinionArena never discloses your personal information to third parties and do not use it for advertising or sending other information that does not related to the surveys.

Use the login link at the top right of our page. Enter your email address in the first field and your password in the second field. If you have used your Facebook or Google+ account to sign up, click on each link to login.

This can happen for a variety of reasons. Try the following:

  • Make sure you are using the same email you have signed up with. It could happen that you used your work email, not the personal email address.
  • Make sure you have used the correct password. Perhaps you have changed it or forgotten.
  • Fix the problem by using the "I forgot my password" link on the login window. If this does not work, please contact us.

Participate in the surveys

You can earn hundreds of points when you participate in surveys from OpinionArena and answer questions about your lifestyle and habits. Earned points can be exchanged for gifts or used to donate to charity.

Your answers help companies to develop new products and services. For example, you can be asked questions about your opinion, about any new product name, packaging or taste. Companies use this high-quality feedback of members of OpinionArena in their decision making.

The number of points depends on the length and complexity of the survey and is stated in the invitation, which is sent to the member's email address. For each survey you participate in, you earn something - points or participation in Grand Lotteries. You also earn points if it turns out that no more individuals with your characteristics are required.

The number of points earned is proportional to the number of questions answered. In many surveys, individuals with different characteristics are being asked a different number of questions.

If it appears that the respondent has lied upon completing a survey, we can immediately terminate the cooperation. If so, you lose all already earned points and we close your account.

OpinionArena and survey companies, whose questionnaires we convey, have prepared different methods for checking and measuring possible shortcomings. Below there are some examples.

Inconsistent answers
For example, we put the same factual question (e.g. about the respondent's age) in two different surveys. We can also ask the same question twice in a survey - at the beginning and the end. If the respondent gives different answers, we consider this as a sufficient proof that you have not answered honestly.

Information was provided too quickly
We know how much time it takes on average to complete a survey. If the respondent tries to respond quickly and without thinking first, it usually makes it much faster than an average respondent.

For identical answers on different questions
It is easy to check if the respondent has chosen the same answer options for different questions. For example, all questions are answered with response options A or 1.

Irrelevant answers
Some of the questions can be answered with open text. The system recognizes if the text field contains inconsistent text or only characters.

In order to increase the chances of receiving invitations, please make sure you fill in your profile. Customers hire us to find participants who meet certain criteria - for example, a survey may refer to respondents who are 30-40 years old living in Capetown.

Quick polls are short surveys that can be filled in immediately after login to OpinionArena. The number of points earned is stated at the beginning of the survey.

The survey results are absolutely confidential and integrity is always guaranteed. Your personal information is not disclosed to any investigators. Sometimes we ask your contact information for a follow-up interview or to send you products for testing. If so, you can always stop answering.

Market research is a serious area. Information we gather affects to very important decisions. In order for companies to make the right choice, participants in surveys should answer the questions accurately and honestly.

OpinionArena has introduced several techniques and systems to check the quality of the answers. If we get clear evidence that the respondent has not been honest, we own the right to close the account and delete earned points.

When you recommend somebody, who then registers, you earn 60 points. We will send these points to your account immediately when the person you have invited has registered and participated in the first two surveys. The easiest way to invite a friend is to enter the friend's name and email address here.

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