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OpinionArena conducts surveys on products, services, policies and brand awareness. We are interested in people's opinions and attitudes and do not engage in sales or marketing. We reward our members for their response. Once you register, you start earning points on each survey you participate in. After that you can choose between different products or services for those points.

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You choose yourself when and which surveys you want to participate in
Earn points that can be exchanged for different gift cards or donated to charity
You increase your chances for winning great prizes after each survey you participate in

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When you participate in surveys, you earn points that can be exchanged for different gift cards, tickets or lottery. You can also donate money to charity. Most often you can choose your first gift after taking part in 2-4 questionnaires.

You also automatically participate in the Grand Lottery.

Every time you complete a survey, you both earn points and automatically participate in lotteries. We are offering to win various gift certificates and money prize. With each completed questionnaire you increase your chances to win.

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Your personal information remains confidential and your responses are never linked to your personal information. We do not provide your contact information to anyone outside our survey portal. You can terminate the membership whenever you want.

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